Silhouette Tuesday: DIY Titles

April 3, 2012 by  
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Every Tuesday is now Silhouette Tuesday! Each week we’ll be showing you tips, tricks, and projects to help you get the most out of your Silhouette. So without further delay—it’s Silhouette Tuesday!


I don’t know about you, but attaching 25 individual letters onto my projects is a bit exhausting—lining everything up, all the glue, the time—especially if you are doing mass production. There has to be a better way! There is. Today we’ll talk about a simple way to make your own titles for your scrapbook pages, cards, projects, etc.

You’ll need:

A fun and chunky font. I used one called “Café Rojo.” You are welcome to use whatever you have/like, but make sure it’s a true type font.
Silhouette machine and software (and computer)

First, decide how big your project will be and draw a box to represent that. (Use your shape tools on the left side of your window.) Having this reference will help you with sizing and getting an idea of your finished project. I wanted an A2 card so I drew a 4.25×5.5 rectangle. OR you can change the size of your page. This is found on your Page Tools window. Top right corner, 4th icon from right, red square within a black square. Adjust your width and height as needed.

Second, type out your phrase in the font you selected. I centered mine and made my second word bigger to emphasize it. Check the bottom right corner of your screen and you should see the character spacing and line spacing slider bars. Adjust those until most of your letters are overlapping slightly. (Mine are at 85% and 65%, respectively.)

Play with those sliders until you reach your desired look. (Don’t forget you can change the height or width of the letters simply by dragging the sides of your text box up or out. I’ve stretched mine to be a bit taller.) You may have a few letters or punctuation marks that simply won’t be touching anything else (unless you really want to get customizing—we’ll cover that at a later date) and that’s ok.

Draw a box around ALL your characters and click the weld button at the bottom second from the right. (The grey circle/rectangle hybrid.) This will weld your characters together making it one piece. Look like you wanted? Great! Not quite right? Go to your “Edit” menu at the top and click “Undo” and keep adjusting until it looks perfect.

If you have any characters that didn’t make the weld, you’ll need to join those to the rest of the image. Highlight everything and go to your “Object” menu at the top and select “Group.” This will keep everything as one unit so you can move and re-size with ease.

If you have any other images that will be going onto your project, add those (or a rough representation of those) to your work window. This will help you with sizing and making sure everything fits onto your project properly. “Measure twice, cut once!” Adjust your images as needed. You can even play with color to get a better idea of how the finished product will look.

Time to cut and assemble! If you need to separate pieces of an image to cut different colors, highlight the entire image, click your “Object” menu at the top and then click “Ungroup.” This allows you to move each piece independently. Once you have everything cut, glue it all together, and find someone with a birthday who deserves some ribbing about their age.

Supplies: American Crafts Cardstock in White, Black, Tangerine, Chestnut, Spinach; Bo Bunny Double Dot Almond Dot (Back Side); SU pastels (on bear belly and trees), Tree and Chubby Bear shapes from the Silhouette store.

If you have questions or need help, please ask! ENJOY!