Tuesday: Twist and Shout!

May 29, 2012 by  
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Today we’ll be learning how to make our very own flowers using the rotate feature on our Silhouette.

Draw an oval. The skinnier the oval, the longer and thinner your flower petals will be.

Now open the replicate menu. (See the button that is slightly gree at the top right? Looks like an oval that is being rotated? That one.) Highlight your oval and click the “rotate five copies” option.

Now we need to weld. Highlight all your ovals and weld away! (There’s a shortcut button at the bottom. The grey one next to the bullseye.)

Ta-da! Your very own flower! Try different rotate combos. I took the flower above and rotated an additional three.

This one would work great as a bottom layer for a multi layered flower.

This technique gets really fun with more abstract shapes.

Rotate a few. Randomly delete a few to avoid perfect symmetry. Only rotate one or two of the new ones and you get something like this. Layer shapes like this for a fun, natural effect.

Come back tomorrow for a new project!

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