Project Thursday: Altered Clipboard

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Today’s Project Thursday is all about the basic steps to alter a clipboard. Clipboards make wonderful gifts, especially for coaches and teachers.  Here are the supplies you will need to make the clipboard shown here:

Bo Bunny Alissa: Spunky paper

Bo Bunny Alissa: Twirls paper

Bo Bunny ribbon: Tutu

Bo Bunny ribbon: Sage

Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink: choose your favorite matching shade

Doodlebug Fancy Frills or Paper Frills  (*You can also use QuicKutz die cut borders!)

Basic Grey Magnetic Precision Mat

Basic Grey Precision Files

Doodlebug Craft Knife

Plain clipboard, Mod Podge, foam brush, assorted additional ribbons


1. Measure your clipboard and trim two pieces of paper that will roughly cover your top surface. My clipboard was 9 x 12.5 inches, so I needed to use two pieces of paper  to cover the total height of the project.


2. Place the top piece of paper under the metal clip as far as it can go. Using a pencil, lightly mark the area where the metal bracket is on the clipboard.


3. Using the craft knife and metal-edged ruler (or just scissors), trim out the area you marked. Repeat these steps for the back of the clipboard, making adjustments to match the metal bracket.


4. Apply Mod Podge with a foam brush to one side of the clipboard. Adhere one piece of paper, smoothing to release any air bubbles. Adhere second piece of paper making sure to cover all edges with Mod Podge.


5. Using the flat Precision File, sand the edges of the clipboard to create a smooth finish. Sand toward your project to help the paper adhere. Use smaller files to fit into tiny spaces of the clipboard near the metal bracket at the top.

*Repeat Mod Podge and sanding step for back side of clipboard.


6. Ink edges of paper if desired.


7. Using Mod Podge, adhere Paper Frill or QuicKutz die cut border to hide the paper seam. If you are using sticker borders, adhere at this time. Cover one side of the clipboard with a sealant coat of Mod Podge, allowing time to dry before finishing the second side.


8.  Once the clipboard is dry, tie assorted ribbons to the metal clamp, securing with knots.


 Here’s the finished clipboard one more time. I made this clipboard from start to finish in just over an hour.

Consider using stickers or rub ons to personalize your clipboard for the recipient. Just remember to keep the writing surface as flat as possible for easy use.

Try decorating a pen to match! Wrap a pen in coordinating paper and secure to the clipboard with matching ribbon. Another easy idea is to use a silk flower and green floral tape to create a custom blossom pen.

You can also use these basic altering steps on a variety of other wood projects such as birdhouses, trays and frames.

Check back tomorrow for the winner of last week’s sketch challenge. We’ll have a brand new challenge waiting for you as well. See you then!


9 Responses to “Project Thursday: Altered Clipboard”
  1. Sandy says:

    Love this project! Can you tell me where you get this type of clipboard? Thanks.

  2. Jolene says:

    You can pick up inexpensive clipboards like this at just about any department store, office supply store or even dollar stores. Wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco also carry multipacks in case you are scrapping a bunch as gifts. Happy shopping!

  3. Kathy says:

    What a great project for a gift! I will be trying this one in the next couple of weeks.

  4. Z says:

    What is ink edgeing? I’m new to scrapbooking. What did you use to do it?

  5. julied says:

    It is when you use the edge of an ink pad and rub it across the edge of paper, chipboard, etc.

  6. Luanne McCallister says:

    Am I understanding this correctly? You are covering the back side as well as the front? I love this, by the way. =) Thanx!

  7. Larissa says:

    Where can you find the Precision File?

  8. Jolene says:

    Yes, I definitely covered the front and back of the clipboard with patterned paper. You can customize each project to suit each person.

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